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Hybrid GSM & PSTN Auto Dialer

Technical Parameters

Operating Voltage: DC 9-13.8 v

Alarm Mode: NC,NO,Trigger

Standby Current: 20 ma(12v)

Dialing Mode: tone (DTMF) / pulse

GSM Frequency: 850, 900, 1800, 1900

Sim Card Type: Micro Sim

Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 01.08.20.png
Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 01.10.20.png

ADT-G30 GSM Quad-Band,support 2G/3G/4G network
Dialing by the SIM card & telephone

line trigger signal
2 controllable out put
4 trigger model(+ -)
20 alarm memory, 1-10 sms, 11-20 call Record 20 sec voice message
LCD with back light
Level/Edge trigger model
Two dialing mode Pulse/tone Dialing Device password protect
Flash Memory
Could use with all alarm panel
SMS text changeable
Change SIM card account by SMS
Set alarm on or off by control

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